We're in a tight spot. Therefore, take up the full Armor of God and the Sword of His Word. The ultimate Shit Show is fixing to commence.
When a man learns his big brother has decided to just be nice and not upset people, he evokes the wrath of Patriot Ancestors to demand a Return to…
From the fakey fakers who brought us "Assad Gasses His Own People," a new classic in Modern Fakery
or, Standing on the Shoulders of Dwarves: How Merry & Pippin point the way forward for all of us
I have often observed that the most serious problems usually have very simple, easy, straightforward solutions. I have also noted that people will…
Our enemies have been dealt a dreadful blow. The flow of innocent blood has been threatened. Prepare for a response most hysterical and savage.
and completely exterminate the ones you don't
I am not Vladimir Putin. But if I were...
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Dies Irae